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Press Release

Sybil Goldstein

Public Space

June 6 - July 5, 2009

The DeLong Gallery is pleased to present a solo show of new paintings by Sybil Goldstein.

Sybil Goldstein's new paintings express the artist's reaction to the city she has lived in and chronicled since the 1980s. Her beat covers the downtown core - in particular, Spadina Avenue and Queen West.

Forced out of her Spadina studio early in 2008 this move paradoxically resulted in some luminous, optimistic works as the artist explored her new environment in Liberty Village. Paintings including the "Joe Shuster Way" series reflect the artist's pleasure in her brightly lit studio and new surroundings.

As storm clouds gathered on Wall Street, foreboding skies appear in Goldstein's work. In her heartfelt, expressive manner Sybil Goldstein captures both the beauty and anxiety inherent in city life.

In these interesting times, wedged between poverty and pandemic, it is difficult to make art. These paintings are interior portraits of exterior spaces. The transience of images is reflected in the gestural anonymity of the figure. Shadowy downtown neighbourhoods, crystalline sunshine or the breath of tunnel exhaust are all reflections of urban life; the city as art.

Sybil Goldstein is a Toronto painter, curator and educator. She was a founding member of the ChromaZone/Chromatique collective, Loop Gallery and member of the Redhead Gallery in Toronto. She has curated national and international exhibitions, as well as published numerous books & catalogues. Goldstein's paintings have been exhibited in Europe, New York and across Canada. They are represented in various public, corporate and private collections.

For further information please call Blaise DeLong at 416 531 1744 or email at