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Press Release

Geoffrey Hunter

New Paintings

April 4 - May 17, 2009

Reception for the Artist
Saturday April 4, 2-5pm

The DeLong Gallery is pleased to introduce Geoffrey Hunter to Toronto with a solo show of new paintings.

Calgary painter Geoffrey Hunter has developed a visual vocabulary that places him on an edge between representation and abstraction, where something is both known and unknown and the meanings are elusive.

In these paintings, planetary or molecular trajectories seem to run amok, balls of string unravel or tangle up like thoughts, and bumblebees do a dizzy dance while fireflies glow at night in overgrown gardens - Or perhaps none of the above, because while many of the artist’s titles for these paintings suggest gardens, his is a cool and painterly place with a witty and controlled approach to the subject of chaos.

Hunter's response to the constantly shifting density of information in the digital age is a determined kind of editing. A reduced and simplified repertoire provides material for a thoughtful engagement in the act of painting opening up a dialogue between inner and outer perception.

An interactive layering of thought and experience begins in Hunter's paintings as initially thin layers, built up from his first gestures and washes, and followed by painting and over- painting as the artist pursues different directions and encounters his own doubts and decision making process on the way to completing each canvas. Resolution is a gradual process, and each painting becomes a repository, or record, of this process of resolution.

The simplicity of Hunter's visual imagery combined with his absorption in the act of painting, present a series of works in which time, space and the universe are combined, paradoxically with a certain amount of humour and a lot of style.

Geoffrey Hunter was born in Toronto, Ontario. He received his diploma from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1986. In 1984, he went to the Yale summer school where he studied under Andrew Forge, Denzil Hurley Gabor Peterdi and Mel Bochner. Geoffrey has had several solo and group exhibitions, which include: Paul Kuhn Gallery (Calgary), the Edmonton Art Gallery (Edmonton), Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff), and the Mendel (Saskatoon). He has also participated in performance art with the Skep[tic]s and produced artist trading cards that have been exhibited in Switzerland, Australia and Canada. Geoffrey has received numerous grants from the Canada Council, the Alberta Art Foundation, the Calgary Region Art Foundation and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. He has work in both private and corporate collections in Europe, the United States and Canada. He currently resides in Calgary Alberta.

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