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Solo Exhibitions

  • 2003 "Brewsoul", Angell Gallery, Toronto
  • 2002 "The New Portraiture", Angell Gallery, Toronto
  • 2001 "The Getwell", Deleon White Gallery, Toronto
  • 1999 "The Fifinochio Chronicles", Angell Gallery, Toronto
    "This Year's Winners", Mantle Project, Chapters, Toronto
  • 1998 "Yuletide Bastroids", the Anteroom, Toronto
  • 1997 "Trance Illuminations", IQ Gallery, Toronto
  • 1996 "Bivouac", Gallerie Pallinure, Marseilles, France
  • 1991 "Eye Drawn", Lake Gallery, Toronto
  • 1990 "Wall Drug", (Fastwurm), University of Toronto
    "Honky Tonk", (Fastwurm), Purple Institution, Toronto
    "Ground to Ground", (Fastwurm), Osaka 90, Japan
    "Birch Hive", (Fastwurm), Skydome,Toronto
    "Massassauga Lily", (Fastwurm), First Financial Place, Toronto
  • 1988 "Arbor Vitae", (Fastwurm), Forest City Gallery, London ON
    "Vermi Velocity", (Fastwurm), Canadian Cultural Centre, Rome, Italy
    "Sheet Rock Xoanna", (Fastwurm), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
  • 1987 "Stink Bug Lodge", Bond Gallery, New York
  • 1986 "Chew or Die", (Fastwurm), Ydessa Gallery, Toronto
    "Birch Girl Plaza", (Fastwurm), Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta
    "Tombpossum Wombblossom", (Fastwurm), ARC, Toronto
  • 1985 "Know By Heart Lodge", (Fastwurm), Ydessa Gallery, Toronto
  • 1984 "Snow She Bones", Ydessa Gallery, Toronto
  • 1983 "Be My Magnet", The Funnel Film Gallery, Toronto
  • 1981 "Fish Hooks To You", (Fastwurm), The Funnel Film Gallery, Toronto
  • 1980 "Universal Colour Systems", (Fastwurm), Splash Gallery, Ottawa
  • 1978 "Anonymous Artists Army", Feldman Gallery, Ottawa
  • 1976 "Voyeur Vortex", Gallery 76, Toronto
  • 1975 "Decade Control", Gallery 76, Toronto
  • 1974 "Suspended Steel", Gallery 76, Toronto

Group Exhibitions

  • 2006 "Deluxe Mix", DeLong Gallery, Toronto
  • 2005 "SEED", SCOPE Art Fair, New York
    "SEED", Interactive 05, Toronto
    "Luminous Memory", Deleon White Gallery, Toronto
    "Low Hanging Fruit", Emmersive Gallery, Toronto
  • 2004 "Deluxe Mix", DeLong Gallery, Toronto
  • 2003 "Standards", DeLong Gallery, Toronto
  • 2002 "Biophilia", State Legislature of New Mexico, Santa Fe
    "One Touch of Nature", Gallery 96, Stratford, ON
  • 2001 "Genometry, with David Bolduc, Angell Gallery, Toronto
    "Loaded", Angell Gallery, Toronto
  • 2000 "Approach", Archive Inc. Gallery, Toronto
    "Hearth Mandala Renewal", Deleon White Gallery, Toronto
  • 1998 "Cold City Invitational, Cold City Gallery, Toronto
  • 1997 "Ego Erotica", the Anteroom, Toronto
  • 1996 "Elemental Drives", Hope Studio, Toronto
  • 1995 "Transe-Gallere", Gallerie des Penitants, Marseilles, France
    "Invitational", Cold City Gallery, Toronto
  • 1992 "Team Spirit", (Fastwurm), Laumeier Sculpture Park, St.Louis, Missouri
    "Team Spirit", (Fastwurm), Davenport Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa
  • 1991 "Team Spirit", (Fastwurm), Spirit Square Art Centre, Charlotte, North Carolina
    "Team Spirit", (Fastwurm), Art Museum of Florida, Miami
    "Team Spirit", (Fastwurm), Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
    "Team Spirit", (Fastwurm), Newberger Museum, Purchase, New York
  • 1990 "Word Jungle", A B C No Rio, New York
    "Salvage Paradigm", (Fastwurm), YYZ Gallery, Toronto
    "Birch Hive Edition", (Fastwurm), Open Studio, Toronto
  • 1989 "Shelf Life", Purple Institution, Toronto
    "Peinture en Direct", Foufoune Electrique, Montreal, PQ
    "Bee Still", (Fastwurm), Grace Hopper Gallery, Toronto
    "Ugh 89", (Fastwurm), Centre International d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, PQ
  • 1988 "Sea to Sea", The Powerplant Gallery, Toronto
    "Belief Structures", (Fastwurm), Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto
    "Theatre Tableau", (Fastwurm), Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba
  • 1987 "Eratici Percossi", (Fastwurm), Acireal, Sicily
    "Polyphonic", (Fastwurm), Genezanno, Italy
    "Casual Casual Art Exchange", (Fastwurm), Paris, France
  • 1986 "Massage for Harvey Milk", (Fastwurm), IDA Gallery, Toronto
    "Innerspace", (Fastwurm), Artspace, Peterborough,ON
  • 1985 "Power of the Cross", (Fastwurm), Republic, Toronto
  • 1983 "Critic's Choice", (Fastwurm), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
    "Vision Guest", (Fastwurm), CNE Pavilion, Toronto
    "Chromaliving", (Fastwurm), Chromozone, Toronto
  • 1982 "Command Drawn", YYZ Gallery, Toronto
  • 1974 "A Survey", Saw Gallery, Ottawa

Selected Publications & Reviews

  • 1999 Canadian Art, Vol.16, No.4, "Because I'm not particularly a traveler", Gary M. Dault Globe &Mail, July 24, "Making a good impression with prints", Gary M. Dault
    Globe &Mail, May 8, "Napoleon Brousseau at the Deleon White Gallery", Gary M. Dault
    Globe &Mail, Jan. 30, "The Fifinochio Chronicles", Gary M. Dault
    Eye Magazine, Jan. 28, "Lies women tell men", Donna Lypchuk
    National Post, Jan. 26, "Those noses know tales of delight and deceit"
  • 1990 Canadian Art Vol.7, No.2, "Natural Inclinations", Lisa Rochon
    Globe &Mail, Sept. 28, "Salvage Paradigm Sometimes Engaging", John Bentley Mays
    Globe &Mail, Sept. 1, "Exploring Nature in An Urban Hive", Isabel Vincent
    Globe &Mail, April 26, John Bentley Mays
    Metropolis, Aug. 19, "Wacky Wonderful Fastwurms", Donna Lypchuck
  • 1989 Parachute, No.58, "Les Cents Jours D"Art Contemporain", Lynda Portugais
    Artscribe, Jan./Feb., "FASTWURMS", Richard Rhodes
    Le Devoir, Sept. 2, "Fastwurms: Anti-Colonialists", Claire Gravel
  • 1988 Globe &Mail, Aug., "Fastwurms probes the nature of things", Lisa Rochon
  • 1987 Artpost, Fall, "Chew or Die", Tom Gottlieb
    Tema Celeste, April-June, "Review Of Erratici Percorsi", Antonio D'Avossa
    Flash Art, April/May, "Review of Erratici Percorsi", Art Perry
    Calgary Herald, Sept., "Artist Trio concocts Heady Brew", Nancy Tousley
    Globe &Mail, Aug. 8, "Myriad messages from a travelling trio", John Bentley Mays
    The Vancouver Sun, April 4, "VAG opens display of local works", Elizabeth Godley
  • 1986 Now Magazine, June 11-17, "Revitalizing avant-garde, animating Toronto", Deirdre Hanna
    Globe &Mail, Oct. 23, "Review of Fastwurms at A.R.C.", John Bentley Mays
  • 1985 Globe &Mail, Oct. 12, "Video alive and well despite censors", John Bentley Mays
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  • 1984 Globe &Mail, May 17, "Napoleon Brousseau at the Cameron", John Bentley Mays
  • 1983 Vanguard, Sept., "Snow-She-Bones", Diana Nemiroff
    Flash Art, March, "Canada: Anyone; Anywhere; Anything", Ian Wallace

Selected Collections

  • National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  • Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON
  • Canada Council Art Bank
  • Vancouver Art Gallery, BC
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba
  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto