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Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2003 'How We Live', Burston Gallery, Toronto
  • 2001 'Goldstein &Abrams', Loop, Toronto
  • 2000 'The Secret Life of Chatchkes', Loop, Toronto
  • 1998 'Sgraffito', Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  • 1996 'Shadows &Dreaming', Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  • 1990 'Landscapes', Laurentian University Museum & Art Centre, Sudbury, ON
    'Landscapes', Thunder Bay Art Gallery, ON
  • 1989 Garnet Press, Toronto
  • 1988 Temiskaming Art Gallery, Haileybury, ON
  • 1986 Garnet Press, Toronto
    'Mythopolis', St.Lawrence College, Kingston, ON
  • 1985 'Mythopolis', Garnet Press, Toronto
    'Mythopolis', Whitby Arts Centre, ON
  • 1984 'Recent Work', Embassy Cultural House, London
  • 1983 'Bacchanale', Cameron Public House, ceiling, Toronto
  • 1982 'Sport of Painting', ChromaZone, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2008 'Celebration of Canadian Art and Artists', Raymond James, Toronto
  • 2007 'Highly Recommended', Headbones Gallery, Toronto
    'Landscapes', DeLong Gallery, Toronto
  • 2006 'Deluxe Mix', DeLong Gallery, Toronto
    'Home', York Quay Centre, Harbourfront, Toronto
    'Group Show', Arts Etobicoke, ON
  • 2005 'I AM', James Baird Gallery, St.John's, NL
    'Deluxe Mix', DeLong Gallery, Toronto
  • 2004 'Deluxe Mix', DeLong Gallery, Toronto
    'Parrot Project', Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto
  • 2003 'Standards', DeLong Gallery, Toronto
    'Re: Collections', Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON
    'The Antidote', DeLong Gallery, Toronto
  • 2001 'New Spirit of Ontario', VAO, Lieutenant Governor's Suite, Queen's Park, Toronto
    '8th Floor', Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  • 2000 'Tim Jocelyn &ChromaZone', MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, University of Guelph, ON
    'Inaugural Exhibition', Loop, Toronto
    'Redrospective', Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  • 1999 'Oh Baby!', The Library &Gallery, Cambridge, ON
  • 1997 'Dancing With The Leviathan', Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
    'The Living City', The Market Gallery, Toronto
    'Exquisite ChromaZone', Paul Petro, Toronto
  • 1996 'Exquisite Corpse', Cold City, Toronto
    'Review 2, Mercer Union, Toronto
  • 1995 'Away', Red Head Gallery, Toronto
    'Away', 00 Gallery, Halifax, NS
    'Twist', 80 Spadina, Toronto
    'There Will Be Time', Mercer Union, Toronto
    'A Toronto Decade', The Market Gallery, Toronto
    'Shades of Red', Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  • 1994 'The Sukkah Project', Koffler Centre (touring)
  • 1991 'Notes/Drawings: Red', Extensions Gallery, Toronto
  • 1990 'Memory &Subjectivity', Garnet Press (touring)
    'The Drawing Show', Extensions Gallery, Toronto
  • 1987 'The Colour &the Brush', Sarnia Art Gallery, ON
    'Cameron Culture', Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON
  • 1986 'Urban Themes', Brampton Public Library, ON
    'Going to the Walls', Isaacs Gallery, Toronto
  • 1985 'Fire &Ice', Galerie Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland
    'Interiors/Exteriors', The Market Gallery, Toronto
    'ChromaZone', Galerie Obscure, Alma, QC
  • 1984 'Vestiges of Empire', Camden Arts Centre, London, England
    'Toronto Painting, Art Gallery of Ontario, (touring)
    'The City', Bau - Xi Gallery, Toronto
    'ChromaZone', Concordia University, Montreal, QC
  • 1983 'ChromaZone', Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
  • 1982 'O Kromazone', Institut Unzeit, Berlin, DDR
  • 1981 'Monumenta',YYZ (Gallery 76) Toronto

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  • Art Gallery Of Algoma, Sault St. Marie, ON
  • Art Gallery of Mississauga, ON
  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Rental
  • Art Gallery of Windsor, ON
  • Baycrest Geriatric Centre, Toronto
  • Canadian Airlines,QC
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