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  • 2008 Three Artists: Gerardo Ramirez Castro, Geoffrey Hunter, Richard Mongiat. DeLong Gallery, Toronto.
  • 2008 Richard Mongiat/The Underpass Project, Dyan Marie/The Banner Project, Culture Works, Bloor St. & Lansdowne Neighbourhood project, Toronto, On.
  • 2007 Richard Mongiat/Weeds & Wildlowers, Marureen Paxton/The Human Ape. Loop, Toronto, On.
  • 2006 Richard Mongiat/Field Studies, Margaret Glew/Tracings. Loop, Toronto, On.
  • 2005 Richard Mongiat/New Paintings, Elizabeth Babyn/Soul Symphonics, Loop, Toronto, On.
  • 2004 Abstractions, Group Exhibition, Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto, On.
  • 2002 Richard Mongiat/Giddy, Deborah Bennett/Legend, Loop, Toronto, On.
  • 2001 Richard Mongiat/Open Sea, Phil Irish/Lake Wow! Loop, Toronto, On.
  • 2000 Richard Mongiat, Lips and Ass, Hamilton Artists Inc. Hamilton, On.
    Richard Mongiat/Catherine Beaudette, The Trash Bin of History, Loop, Toronto, On.
  • 1998 Richard Mongiat/Charles Taylor, Recent Works, Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, On.
    The Mantle Project, Chapters Bookstore, Toronto, On.
  • 1997 POP/eye: 9 painters & a magazine, From *A*Pit Collective, College Park, Toronto, On.
    Determining Silence, Dead Industry Collective, 19 Charlotte St. & The Tree House Gallery, Toronto, On.
  • 1995 True to Form, From *A*Pit Collective, The Dufferin Mall, Toronto, On.
  • 1994 Entre Chein Et Loup, Annex Art Centre, Toronto, On.
  • 1993 Richard Mongiat/Lanny Shereck, Recent Work, Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, On.
  • 1991 On The Level, Annex Art Gallery, Toronto, On.
  • 1990 Dwelling, Neo Faber Gallery, Toronto, On.
  • 1989 Street Talk, A Space, Toronto, On.
    The Assembly Line, The Art Gallery of Northumberland, Coburg, On.
  • 1988 Richard Mongiat, Recent Work, Brampton Public Library and Art Gallery
  • 1987 Richard Mongiat, Recent Work, The Art Gallery of Northumberland, Coburg, On.
  • 1986 Richard Mongiat, Recent Work, Nancy Poole's Studio, Toronto, On.
  • 1984 CKOC's Arts Hamilton Annual juried Exhibition, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, On.
    Annual Juried Exhibition, Rodman Hall for the Arts, St. Catherines, On.
  • 1984 Graphic Drawing and Print Show, Art Gallery of Brantford (National Touring 1987 Exhibition)
  • 1983 Richard Mongiat/Lorna Foreman, Paintings, Innes College, University of Toronto, On.

Related Experience

  • Loop – Artist's Collective Gallery (founded with Catherine Beaudette), Toronto, On. 2000
  • From *A*Pit Artist's Collective 1994-1997, (founded with David Sylvestre and Krys Verral), Toronto, On.
  • Central Technical School, Painting Instructor (Night & Summer School Programs), 1990 -2003, Toronto, On.
  • Scenic Artist for Theatre, Opera, Ballet and Film, 1987 to present
  • Province of Ontario, Government of Ontario Picture Collection, 1987, Assistant to Curator
  • York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront, Co-Curator, Bealtina – Mouth of Fire 1985, Springtide – 25 Markings 1986, Samhain – Order out of Chaos/Ritual Dwellings 1987, Toronto, On.